10+ Marketer-Friendly Techniques for Increasing Web Conversions

  • October 23, 2019
  • 2pm (SGP) - 5pm (AUS)

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Join us on Wednesday, October 23 at 2pm (SGP time), 5pm (AUS time)! 

What will we talk about? 

Did you know that only 3% of APAC digital traffic generates conversions?

Increasing conversion on a website is a continuous effort; Those who manage the pages of a brand know how important traffic optimization is to get more sales. Consumer’s have more options than ever when shopping online – what can you do to make your users want to buy again in your e-commerce? 

What will you learn? 

With this webinar, you will learn about: 

  • Main technical and marketing strategies to optimize conversions
  • Monitoring your users’ satisfaction and customize their experience based on their needs and behaviors
  • The impact customers needs and behaviors have when it comes to generating conversions!

Q/A session at the end! 

Stay until the end! At the end of the webinar, we will have a question and answer session so we can answer any questions you may have and share our previous experience with conversion optimisation.

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  • Simon Lalloz
    Marketing Specialist APAC
    AB Tasty
  • Edouard Descamps
    Customer Success Lead APAC
    AB Tasty

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