Dress Up Your E-Commerce Site for the Holiday Shopping Season

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As an e-commerce professional, you know the holiday season is, to be blunt, a spending frenzy.


It’s also busy, hectic and always seems to crop up out of nowhere. That’s what this holiday lookbook is for – to give e-commerce, digital marketers and CXO experts a few quick win ideas for getting your site ready for the holiday season.

What you’ll learn

  • How to quickly and easily put holiday widgets into action
  • Tips from our Customer Success Team to help plan campaigns
  • How our clients optimize for the holiday season
For e-commerce sites, boosting numbers in terms of revenue per visitor is a significant issue, part of the effort to find the right approach throughout the path to purchase. Urgency messages can be a very effective means of reaching some site users. For others, these marketing techniques can make the experience too stressful. The only way to know for sure which approach is the most effective—and how to perfect it for maximum impact—is to put it to the test. This “countdown” widget can be completed in only 30 minutes via AB Tasty’s WYSIWYG editor!

– Alexandre Anquetil, Customer Success Manager at AB Tasty

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