Help Your PLG Product Team Succeed With Experimentation

Product-led growth companies scale faster, and are valued higher. Brands with the right products and vision are racing to perfect their PLG strategy. Product teams, naturally, are an integral piece of this puzzle. This e-book lays out the fundamentals of how to power a PLG strategy with experimentation.

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Section 1

Benefits of PLG for Your Business​

Bigger top of funnel, lower CAC and higher RPE…the benefits of a PLG strategy – if right for your business – are extensive.

  • Wider TOFU
  • Shorter sales cycle
  • Higher Revenue per Employee
  • Stickier product experiences
  • Higher valuation
product led growth company valuation
Source: Product-Led Collective

How can you help your team to create sticky features and delightful products?

Section 2

(Re)Organizing Around PLG​​

Learn how to center your entire team and organization around PLG, from KPIs to brand philosophy.

Section 3

How Experimentation Drives PLG at Every Stage of the Flywheel

Concrete examples of how & why to use product experimentation to drive engagement and loyalty with your product:

  • Tighter feedback loops with live users
  • Predict infrastructure costs
  • Avoid HIPPO effect
  • Get ahead of the competition…
PLG Flywheel
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A quick read for Product Teams that want to use a PLG + experimentation strategy to thrive.