An Intro to Product Experimentation and Feature Management

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Let’s face it – Product Management is tough.


Staying on top of user needs, making sure you don’t break your code or ship a buggy solution to your entire user base…the demands are tough and the stakes are high. That’s where product experimentation and feature management can really make your life easier.

What you’ll learn

  • The basics of starting a product optimization program
  • Useful experimentation ideas
  • A guide to deciding whether to go for an in-house solution or not.
When you can experiment with and test the features you’re developing; when you can get direct user feedback and adjust your work accordingly; when you have clear, measurable KPIs that determine success, your work all of a sudden feels a lot more meaningful. This keeps teams motivated, fresh and loyal.
Enable your product team to put users in the center of product strategy, while enabling engineering to deploy code faster.
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