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Forrester Report Breakdown: What Being a Feature Management Leader Means for Flagship

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There’s an exciting, emerging market out there — and Flagship is riding atop this new wave of feature management and experimentation. A new report by independent research firm Forrester named us a leader in this category when stacked alongside the seven of the “most significant providers” in this market.

In fact, Flagship landed atop several criteria that Forrester evaluated us in, scoring a “differentiated ranking” — the highest possible — for feature management, experimentation, audience targeting, security and privacy, architecture and vision.

So what does the feature management leader positioning mean to us in the big scheme of things? Let’s take a look at our three key takeaways from “The Forrester New Wave™: Feature Management And Experimentation, Q2 2021” report.



Takeaway #1

Feature management is now business critical

We’ve been singing the praises of feature management and experimentation all along, and we’re thrilled that industry analysts are echoing the sentiment. The market for feature management and experimentation products are relatively new, but the impact is already being seen: It’s an essential part of the technology stack that goes beyond CI/CD technologies.

As businesses become more savvy in their experimentations, so do the needs of their product and engineering teams in order to accelerate their idea-to-release cycles. As the Forrester report notes, these teams now have “two major pieces of capability that are not otherwise easy to recreate — the ability to code and deploy features to production with code only exposed to a select audience.”

This enablement is why Flagship is a game-changer: Our solution packages business performance tracking (via controlled testing) with technology performance tracking (via feature management) in one platform. Thus, generating faster results — without the risks typically associated with this level of speed and complexity.



Takeaway #2

Take the risk out of new feature releases through controlled experimentation

One of the hurdles that product-minded teams have to overcome is controlling how and when the features are released and their overall impact on each user experience with the product. How do you create a holistic experience that maximizes impact, minimizes risk and accelerates time to market? It’s not an easy question, but products like Flagship employ feature management to unlock agility and accelerate delivery via simple implementation in the form of KPI-triggered rollbacks or decoupling of code releases from features releases.

Forrester specifically highlights that Flagship “offers the strongest balance of feature management and A/B testing capabilities. AB Tasty’s cloud-native architecture balances feature management and A/B testing capabilities, serving app dev and product leaders equally well. It also has robust security featuring independently verified penetration testing and certifications.”


Takeaway #3

Modern and fast implementation in a modern and fast world 

The future is bright for feature management teams. In fact, Forrester predicts that feature management leaders such as Flagship “will be the latest must-have DevOps tools to help teams not only create faster release cycles but also do so while staying completely connected with the customer.”

We’re pushing feature flagging to the next level — not only easing the stress for dev teams but also facilitating a better, risk-free way to work. Between feature toggling, progressive rollouts, API experimentation and experience continuity, there’s much alignment needed between multiple stakeholders, who are oftentimes working in silo.

Flagship enables a culture of collaborative experimentation, where developers can continuously deploy and monitor the impact on technical infrastructure, while business teams can focus on their KPIs and the user experience. It’s not only changed how our tech team works, but also our clients.

Weekendesk and Oui.SNCF are already early adopters of this feature management. Are you missing out on this opportunity?

See Flagship in action.


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