15 Top Tips to Improve Your Blog Traffic

So, you’ve already identified the many benefits blogging has for your business and brand, but you just can’t seem to increase the traffic. Nearly all companies will no doubt have felt some level of frustration when it comes to growing the exposure and readership of their blog. Particularly when there is time and money invested in sharing insight and expertise, there is an expectation to reap some rewards! 

Increasing your blog traffic can be tricky, but with our 15 tips to help showcase your content and grow your organic readership, your content should start to gain the exposure it deserves:

1. Promote on Social Channels

An obvious but often misused tactic, promoting your content on social channels can really help when trying to reach new readers. There may be one particular social platform that your audience engages with most, so make sure to post your blog articles with leading questions or thought-provoking statements to encourage engagement and shares. 

If your content appeals to a reader who spends their time on Twitter or LinkedIn, make sure you know when to post on those particular channels and to follow the general format of content on those platforms.

Don’t be afraid to re-post previous content too, using social trending such as #throwbackthursday and #flashbackfriday to remind your followers of some great content from months gone by.

Share your posts on social

2. Navigation on Your Website

Whilst this may not be something you can change immediately, reviewing the navigation of your blog on your website could help improve how content is signposted and encourage more people to read it. Your blog should feature in the top navigation on the website and should follow a clear naming convention such as ‘articles,’ ‘news’ or simply ‘blog’. Make sure it also appears on various touch points across the site- not just from the homepage! Making it easier for people to spot will help improve how many users you have click to read more.

3.  Find Your Own Voice

Don’t be afraid to have a personality and show your readers that your content is informative but fun! Your content should be written with a ‘brand’ tone of voice that will appeal to your main target audience, and is maintained throughout all copy that is produced – not just blogs.

If you have lots of different content creators in the company, create a general brand tone of voice and ensure everyone is aware of it. Consistency will be key in building your brand awareness and encouraging people to revisit your content.

Create high quality blog content

4. Eye-Catching, Click-Worthy Headlines

A simple but effective way to gain traffic is by creating eye-catching titles that encourage people to click through and read your content. Make your titles are engaging to maximize the opportunity of your content standing out in busy social feeds. Having ‘click-worthy’ titles can make all the difference in how much reach your blog content will get, so make sure to spend some time creating some clever, catchy titles to help increase the traffic to your blog.

5. Create Great-Quality Content

This may seem like an obvious one, but great-quality content needs to follow a catchy title! Your titles may be interesting but if the body of content doesn’t bring the topic to life, your readers will swiftly bounce off your site again. Conduct some keyword research to ensure people are actually looking for the topic and don’t forget to proofread everything before publishing. If you’re not interested in the subject, how can you expect your readership to be!

6.  Professional Looking Imagery

Once you’ve got your quality content and click-worthy title, the next focus should be having some equally engaging and professional-looking imagery. 

Using images in your blogs can be the difference between scrolling past content or clicking through to read more, so it is worth investing in. Whether you choose to buy professional pics or take them yourself, choose a style of imagery such as lifestyle or even iconography, and be consistent with it.

7. Sharing on Personal Accounts

Whether your business has 4 or 400 employees, they will invariably have personal social media accounts with potential new readers! Actively encourage them to share blog posts on their personal social accounts. As long as the platform is appropriate, encouraging other colleagues to share blog content will immediately secure a wider network of potential readers and help increase organic traffic to your posts.

8.  Invite Guest Writers to Contribute

Whether it’s an industry expert, local business owner or just someone with a passion for your business industry, reach out and invite a guest writer to share their expertise and knowledge in a blog post. 

Why not drop them a message and ask if they would be happy to write something for your blog, or use outreach methods to contact relevant contributors. Having guest writers on your blog will interest a wider audience and broaden your reach as well as add variety to your content – all winning ingredients when it comes to increasing traffic.

Invite guest contributors and think of good titles

9. Place Hyperlinks in Other Places

This may seem a bit more of a basic ‘hack’ but making sure your blog is hyperlinked from a variety of places will help increase its exposure and hopefully the number of click throughs. 

Make sure the blog URL features in the footer of an email signature, is linked from your most popular social channels and is added to printed business cards. By including it in as many places as possible, you are increasing the opportunity of people seeing it and clicking through.

10. Create a Content Calendar

Create a content calendar

Regularly publishing content will also help increase the traffic to your blog, over time. The more posts that are published, the more chance of readers finding your content. Conduct some general keyword research and set up a schedule in a content calendar. A content calendar ensures a level or organization and planning, meaning you are more likely to stick to regular publishing. It can also help with planning seasonal or timely content around certain holidays and events.

11. Send Out a Newsletter

Again, this may sound simple but many companies don’t recognize the benefits of sending a regular newsletter to their contacts. By grouping your blog content into ‘newsworthy’ snippets in a newsletter and sending it to a good list of contacts, you are increasing your chances of gaining some great-quality traffic that may have gone previously untapped. 

Reaching out to people who already have an interest in your business instantly broadens your audience reach, and you stand a greater chance of gaining more readers.

12. Choose a Good Time To Share

Picking the right time of day to promote your content may sound a bit odd, but it could make all the difference to reaching as many people as possible. If you share a blog post on social channels, at their busiest times, your content stands a far greater chance of being seen and read. 

The most popular times for each platform can vary. For example, LinkedIn posts perform best on week days between 7am and 8am and at lunch between noon and 2pm, whereas Facebook posts perform best on Wednesdays between 11am and 1pm! Publish your blog posts on your site at any time but make sure to pick the right time to promote it.

13. Tapping into Trends

Whether it’s cultural trends, something relevant on TV or even a viral sensation, creating captivating content that taps into a trend whilst cleverly linking back to your business or topic is a great way to gain more visitors to your blog. By tapping into current trending topics, you are indicating to a prospective audience that your business has it’s ‘finger on the pulse’ when it comes to being ‘culturally aware’.

14. Make Sure Your Website Loads Quickly

Ensuring the user experience is enjoyable will make a difference to increasing organic traffic to your blog. If you share blog articles on social channels, it is highly likely your traffic will be coming from mobile devices, meaning it is vital to have a well-optimized, mobile-friendly website. 

With Google’s increasing focus on mobile-friendly experiences, optimizing your website for mobile will not only help increase traffic to your blog, but will increase its exposure in search results too – a double win for improving organic traffic volumes.

15.  Mentioning Others in Your Posts

By mentioning industry experts, products or quoting others in a blog post and hyperlinking to the source, you are improving your chances of gaining both backlinks as well as more potential readers. The company or person you mention will most likely share your content on their social channels or even offer a link back by referencing your content on their own website. This is another great way of gaining exposure and traffic to your website.

Why not try testing the success of one or more of the tips when promoting your next post and don’t forget to track the traffic growth. Let us know which one of our tips has proven to be more successful for your blog, in the comments below!

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