3 Reasons to Download the New AB Tasty App

Let me set the scene for you: it’s half past eleven on a Friday night. You’re out with friends after a long day’s work, your mind on your weekend plans and what you’re going to order next at the bar. You check your phone, and you notice a text from your boss: “Mike, that campaign you launched for the week needs to go on pause ASAP, our seasonal sale ends at midnight!”

You feel the chucks rise in your throat – you’re at least an hour from your laptop, the office is closed and you have no idea how you’re going to put that campaign on hold! You start fumbling for your car keys when all of a sudden, you realize it’s ok; you downloaded the AB Tasty app the day before. All you have to do is whip out your cell phone, scroll to the campaign in question and hit the pause button. Voilà, it’s done – you text your boss to reassure her and you carry on with your evening, disaster averted.

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AB Tasty App: For Website Optimizers On the Go

While the above anecdote might be slightly embellished for effect, the user need is very real:

AB Tasty customers want to be able to check up on their campaigns whenever, wherever – and that means from their mobile devices.

We’ve heard you loud and clear, which is why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our AB Tasty app, available on February 7th on iOS and Android (only in Europe for the time being).  It’s completely free for existing clients, and you don’t even have to create a new account – you simply sign in with your AB Tasty username and password. Plus, it’s built with ‘Pulsar’, our updated, intuitive and seamless user interface design.

Need any more convincing? Here are three good reasons to get the app.

Pause an Outdated or Flawed Campaign

To err is human, and it’s more than likely that, at one point in your career, you or one of your colleagues will make a small mistake with a campaign. It might be that you forgot to set the right end date for a seasonal sales pop-in. Or maybe there’s a tiny typo in some of the copy that nobody noticed.

Whatever the reason, the important thing is to be able to pause the campaign until you can fix it.  If you spot the problem during working hours, you could always shoot an email to your dedicated Customer Success Manager.  But let’s say you’re on an overseas business trip, meaning it’s 3:20am local time…while our CSM team is very highly rated for their availability, they do unfortunately need to get some shut eye once in a while.

However, with the AB Tasty app, anybody who has admin status for a campaign can put it on pause in one click from their mobile phone. So, what if you spot that typo in the wee hours of the morning, taking a cab back from the airport? No problem. You’ll even get a confirmation message to assure you that the campaign is definitely paused. Once you’re ready to set it live again, simply hit ‘Start’.

Of course, the reverse situation can happen, too. Someone might forget to set an important seasonal campaign live, and the clock is ticking. No matter where or when you remember your mistake, just one tap on ‘Start’ is all it takes to make it right.

AB Tasty mobile start campaign


When it’s Just not Working, Empty the Framework

Sometimes, you might discover a problem that’s bigger than a typo or wrong start date on your site. You don’t know where the issue is coming from, but you know you have to act, fast! Best practice states to disable each tool you might have running on your site, one by one, to isolate the issue. With the AB Tasty app, this is simple; you can completely empty the AB Tasty tag, removing all AB Tasty campaigns from your site until you can figure out what went wrong. Whether you’re in the subway, out for the evening or on your way to lunch, you can rest assured that you’re in control of your campaigns.

AB Tasty mobile app empty tag


Reassure your Tech Teams

AB Tasty was built with marketers in mind; our co-founders were determined to make a CRO platform that didn’t require any development skills to start using. While this is an important part of our promise, it can also make our clients’ IT teams a little nervous. ‘What if something goes wrong in the code, if the marketing team does something by accident, and we’re not here to fix it?’

Now, with the AB Tasty app, tech teams can have an around-the-clock, on the go ‘override option’ in case there’s a glitch.


The AB Tasty app is an extra, convenient way for you to keep an eye on your campaigns, at any time and wherever you are. That means more control, less risk and better results. The app is even compatible with TouchID and FaceID on iOS, so there’s not even a chance that anybody but you can log in.

No matter what happens, we’ve got you covered!

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