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AB Tasty & ActionIQ: Introducing a Powerful New Integration for Enhanced Personalization and Customer Experiences

We are excited to announce a new integration between AB Tasty, the experience optimization company, and ActionIQ, a leading customer data platform (CDP) provider. This integration brings together the power of AI-powered experimentation and personalization from AB Tasty with ActionIQ’s robust CDP capabilities, enabling brands to deliver highly relevant and personalized customer experiences at scale.

AB Tasty and ActionIQ power advanced personalization and experimentation use cases by enriching user profiles with 3rd party data. Together, we turn anonymous browsers into known visitors and known visitors into loyal customers.

ActionIQ creates a persistent, consolidated record of all customer attributes and data, giving brands a complete picture of individual customers and their behaviors. This data can be used to identify bottlenecks and understand customer preferences, behaviors, and needs.

Using ActionIQ with AB Tasty also simplifies your experimentation. A CDP reduces the data wrangling required for each experiment, making it easy to create experiment segments and suppression groups on which to experiment. Experiment variants can be created based on customer attributes and behaviors across systems, including entry channel, initial product purchased, content consumed, and current sales funnel stage. Variant behavior is then gathered from source systems and third-party enhancements for analysis.

Moreover, making improvements to the customer experience has never been easier. You can use the insights gained from experimentation to improve customers’ experience while they’re interacting with your digital products. This can be done by experimenting with new product features, content, and workflows based on data from your CDP.

But wait, there’s more! ActionIQ and AB Tasty can increase your team’s productivity. By integrating a CDP with an experimentation platform, you can accelerate time to value with new tools and democratize data access, delivering and maintaining clean, complete data feeds to different business stakeholders’ systems of choice via pre-built connectors and/or API, without depending on engineering.

We all know the importance of personalization, but it’s always easier said than done. With ActionIQ and AB Tasty, you can drive personalized marketing efforts: by centralizing all customer data in one place, CDPs enable businesses to better understand their customer’s preferences, behaviors, and needs, resulting in more targeted marketing efforts and improved customer satisfaction. This can be further enhanced by using the insights gained from experimentation to create personalized campaigns that are unique to their customers.

What else can ActionIQ and AB Tasty do?

  • Revolutionize Brand and Product Experiences: With AB Tasty’s AI-powered experimentation and personalization, combined with ActionIQ’s CDP, brands can revolutionize their customer experiences, driving results and placing their customers at the center of their digital strategies.
  • Omnichannel Approach to Customer Experiences: AB Tasty’s omnichannel approach to customer experiences, when combined with ActionIQ’s CDP, allows brands to deliver personalized and relevant content across various touchpoints, creating a comprehensive view of the customer for personalized experiences.
  • Increase Efficiency and Conversion Rate: AB Tasty’s low-code to no-code widgets provide unrivaled time-to-value and ROI, while ActionIQ’s CDP helps brands to scale their first-party data in an agile way, increasing efficiency and conversion rates.
  • Empower Business Teams with Valuable Customer Insights: ActionIQ’s CDP enables brands to gain valuable customer insights, while AB Tasty’s experimentation platform allows teams to innovate and make data-driven decisions, empowering them to deliver impactful cross-channel customer experiences in real-time.

This new integration between AB Tasty and ActionIQ empowers brands to transform their customer experiences, driving results, and placing their customers at the center of their digital strategies. To learn more about how this integration can benefit your business, request a demo from AB Tasty or ActionIQ today.

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