AB Tasty Feature Hackathon: Which Team Can Hack it Best?

Last week, the whole of AB Tasty came together for our second corporate hackathon. Or, as it’s known around here, our ‘Feature Factory’ session.

The idea? That cross-disciplinary exchange will lead to great innovations. Concretely, four teams were created, each comprised of around seven AB Tasty employees from totally different departments. Their goal was to put their heads together to bring a new, customer-centric project to life. A successful team will need to draw from our company values of Enthusiasm, Team Spirit and Customer Satisfaction to create a winning project. The best ideas – those that successfully anticipate client needs and find elegant solutions to their nascent problems – will get developed in full and become available to our real-life customers.

This Feature Factory Session, 27 Strong

One week is all the time each team got to build their feature.

Data Scientists, Salespeople, Customer Success Managers, Developers, Marketers and even our Co-founders teamed up to start working on novel features to help us better serve our clients, or better work together across our 10 global offices.

The day of the Feature Factory presentation, each team has a 6 minute slot to pitch their project in front of the entire company – complete with a live demo.  This time, we saw a wide variety of AI, automation and machine learning techniques on display.

Next, all of AB Tasty has the chance to vote on their favorite feature, after questioning each team in-depth.

AB Tasty Feature Factory
The ‘Panda’ team setting up for their Feature Factory demo

Winners Coming Soon

The end-goal, of course, is to create projects that answer a pressing client pain point. By asking AB Tasty employees from all different disciplines to get their hands dirty brainstorming new features, the aim is to really hit on these needs, maybe even before the clients themselves are aware of what they’re lacking!

After the decisive vote, the winning project will be added to the product roadmap, and available (in beta) to be tested by our customers in our brand new ‘Lab Tab’, available in the AB Tasty interface.

I found this exercise really intense, and I loved the collective brainstorming process. This was a great experience, since it pushed me to work with people that I don’t get to see every day, and especially to reconfirm my confidence in the abilities and enthusiasm of my teammates.

Arnaud DE MEDEIROS, VP Operations and Feature Factory contestant

The winning teams will be announced shortly, so stay tuned for this and other exciting news!


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