Countdown Plugin to Play on Urgency

Sales are a critical period for all traders. Consumers eagerly await this promotional period, or even shift their purchases to take advantage of cheaper prices. In consumer psychology, the prospect of getting a good deal is a powerful lever to promote taking action. But you can multiply the effects by also instilling a sense of urgency in your consumers.

The fear of missing out on this great deal as time passes becomes an invincible weapon: the buyer cannot afford to spend more time considering other options and becomes impulsive. Several techniques can be implemented to achieve this. We will present to you one based on a timer that you can easily set up through an AB Tasty plugin.

The example below is from a customisation campaign during a Black Friday operation by Carrefour Online. The goal was to show a dynamic countdown on the site pages to instil this sense of urgency and discounts for a limited time.

Adding a dynamic countdown using the Countdown plugin

To implement this feature, Carrefour Online has used plugins from the AB Tasty library. It offers ready-to-use features which allow you to extend the test or customisation scenarios to how plugins can add functionality to your Content Management System (CMS) solution, all in just a few clicks, since these features are already developed and have only to be activated as you experiment. You are therefore always independent in setting up your optimization ideas, without needing to call on developers.

In this case, the Carrefour Online marketing team was able to activate the “Countdown” plugin and post it on the pages of the site where it wanted it to appear, using the usual targeting options. To access the plugin library from the editor, simply select on the page an element after which you want the countdown to appear. In the shortcut menu, choose “Plugins”. You will be taken to the library, where you can filter plugins by category. Here, the “Countdown” plugin is filed under “Message and Notification”. Activate the plugin by clicking on the button “Add to test” on the top right of the page describing the plugin. You are automatically redirected to the editor, where a configuration window is presented to you so that you can specify the parameters of your countdown, i.e. end date and time. Of course, you will need to schedule the end of your experiment at the same time as your countdown so that users do not see an expired countdown. To do this, go to the test options and select “Start/Stop on date …”.

The formatting of this countdown is then continued from the editor, as you would for any item you wish to change. For example, you can select the countdown in its entirety to add a background image to it, or select sub-elements to apply specific formatting to, for example, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. You can also select the text to edit it. By default, these labels are displayed in English (e.g. days, hours …), but there’s nothing to prevent you replacing them with translations, or even completely removing them, as in the example below, which shows advanced formatting, but completely customised to the client’s needs.

Countdown plugin customisation

With AB Tasty’s plugins, you can very easily add new features to your pages without having to wait for your IT teams to develop them. You can then easily test their impact using the classic A/B tests, and either display them to 100% of your visitors or to sub-segments of users, based on their profile and / or behaviour.

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