Adopt an Experimental Approach to Personalization

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Providing a personalized customer experience on your website is essential in today’s online business. According to McKinsey, successful personalization programs yield more engaged customers and drive up the top line. In general, a positive customer experience is hugely meaningful to a retailer’s success: it yields 20% higher customer satisfaction rates 😍 and a 10 to 15% boost in sales conversion rates. 💰


There is no doubt about it: personalized experiences are an expected deliverable for marketing teams. The best way to meet this expectation is through a culture of experimentation that includes testing the experience for a targeted segment of your audience. Consequently, transitioning a winning variation from an experiment into personalization is a growing trend within the experience optimization ecosystem, as echoed by the 1000+ customers utilizing the AB Tasty experience optimization platform.

When implementing relevant personalized experiences for segments of your audience, it is important to maintain this culture of experimentation. As the philosopher Ferdinand de Saussure famously said “Time changes all things”, which is exactly why a well-performing relevant personalized experience will eventually stop performing well and no longer be relevant. This is also why continuously experimenting with these experiences and segments is critical.

External factors will arise, causing changes in consumer behavior:

  • COVID pandemic
  • Breaking news
  • New technology
  • Economic slowdown


In life and in the world of experience optimization, we should expect the unexpected!

The need to experiment the experiences being delivered to targeted segments, personalize, monitor, and experiment again is an important cycle and dynamic to keep in mind to make sure you’re changing with the times and continuously delivering the relevant personalized experiences consumers have come to expect. 💪


In support of this experimentation culture being coupled with delivering relevant personalized experiences, we have just released AB Tasty’s Optimization Cycle. 💫


Personalization and experimentation are inextricably linked. A personalization program not only requires experimentation but an intuitive, efficient, and easy way to transition back and forth between the two.

Thanks to the Optimization Cycle,  AB Tasty customers will now be able to easily transform their Experiments into Personalizations and Personalizations into Experiments, with just a few clicks.



Let’s spotlight a use case. 🔍

As an online grocery store, you’ve been running a Multipage Personalization for quite some time. Initially, it was designed to show a personalized user experience for returning visitors.


Since the arrival of the COVID pandemic, you have observed that the performance of this Personalization has started to drop and you need to take action. You have realized that this pandemic has resulted in an exponential increase in the number of returning visitors. The hypothesis is that you need to create micro-segments with different personalized experiences for each.


All you have to do is to transform your Multipage Personalization into a Multipage Experiment by duplicating your campaign.



Thanks to this optimization cycle, you will be able to experiment with the experience and filter your results in the reporting to fine-tune your segment. Experiment your way to statistical significance!



Whether you’re rolling out a new web layout, adding new creative messaging, or activating a new feature for a specific audience segment, it’s important to build a culture of experimentation into your personalization strategy. Relying on this scientific method and optimization cycle will qualify and quantify the impact on your business.📊


Thanks to AB Tasty’s newly released Optimization Cycle, it has never been easier to experiment your way to delivering relevant personalized experiences.



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