AB Tasty Introduces the First Open Plugin Platform for A/B Testing

AB Tasty introduces the first open A/B testing platform that makes creating and analyzing  advanced A/B tests easier, thanks to the addition of extensions developed by its community of users.

This platform is based on the solution offered by AB Tasty, the leader on A/B testing in France. It completes it with a full library of ready-to-use features answering needs already experienced by the users. The users will also be able to make their own solutions available to the community through extensions.

The platform answers a need identified by the editor of AB Tasty: marketing teams are attached to the freedom provided by the AB Tasty solution, but wish to go further in their testing ideas, which requires more complex modifications of the pages. The advanced editing mode of AB Tasty can handle such modifications, but requires technical know-how that the majority of users do not have.

The platform therefore reinforces the promise of simplicity carried by AB Tasty. The user activates the chosen extension in one click, then configures certain parameters to take advantage of advanced features concerning the creation of variations for a test as well as the analysis of its results.

The library, already substantial at launch with some 50 extensions, will for example make it possible to:

  • keep an action button visible at a fixed position when the user scrolls on the page,
  • detect the user’s intention to the exit the page, so as to display a message to keep their attention,
  • measure the engagement of the users towards the pages tested, with additionnal indicators such as the time spent on the page or the percentage of it really seen by the user.



This is an open platform: the extensions are developed either by the editor of AB Tasty or by third-party developers using the solution. The quality of the extensions is ensured in several ways :

  • The extensions made by AB Tasty are a direct response to user feedback (test ideas, specific challenges, support requests).
  • The third-party extensions are developed by advanced users who have been confronted with specific challenges. After having found a solution, they can choose to make it public and let the community benefit from it. These “public” extensions are verified beforehand by the AB Tasty development teams. They can also choose to keep their solution private, in which case it will join their own library of custom features.

AB Tasty helps you to increase your conversion rate and profitability. Our solution is 100% made in France and enables you to implement all kinds of tests fast and without the need for any technical know-how. You can set up A/B, A/B/C, and multivariate tests to evaluate the performance of your optimization on your business indicators. Armed with that knowledge you can then customize your user experience and deploy a different optimization for each audience segment.

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