Last-Minute Ways to Personalize Your Site for Valentine’s Day

The Beatles said it best: money can’t buy you love. However, that won’t be stopping a reported 55% of Americans from celebrating Saint Valentine’s Day this year, and spending an estimated $143.56 on average to mark the occasion. Candy, flowers and romantic dinners top the list of frequent purchases, along with a myriad of classic and quirky Valentine’s Day gifts for significant others, family members and even pets!

For online retailers, this is a perfect opportunity to highlight your special offers, or even just take part in the festive mood. This ebook of widget templates will give you some ideas for customizing your website for Valentine’s Day to encourage online engagement. Whether you’re aiming for increased click-through rates, more account creations or a boost in online sales, these easy-to-use widgets will get you up and running in time for the 14th.

Download our lookbook to make the most of Valentine’s Day!

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