Our Brand New Session Recording is Here

Last September, we announced the Nirror session recording repurchase and integrated it with our platform. If it were placed in our navigation session capture technology, these small functions – that allows exploitation of the collected videos – would be missing. Yet, session recording is a tool that aids in the decision making process and is able to identify the stocking points of your site, the corrections to implement quickly or the aspects to test in the data-driven approach.

Thus, the rich functionality and the facilitation of use has been our priority. We have listened to the response of our first users and have made a lot of important improvements. In addition to the redesign of the interface, you will certainly be impressed by the number and quality of the modifications brought about, which make the feedback video more comprehensible and usable.

Overview of new features

  • Automatic ranking of videos by level of activity. This indicator assembles the user interactions (clicks, scrolling, movement of the mouse, keystrokes) whilst considering their frequency. Filter the recordings using this criterion.
  • Personalized event recordings. Add simple JavaScript calls throughout the user’s session to create automatic tags that will help to easily identify interesting videos. For example, you can automatically flag sessions where the user submits a form and find the tag in the available filters. Exploit this function to define user attributes (e.g. subscribed users) on which your filters can be based on.
  • Manual creation of tags. If you have not recorded automatic events, you can create it in the interface retrospectively and assign them to videos. Throughout our analysis, you can easily find these recordings by tag.
  • Filter by pages visited. Only limit your analysis for navigation sessions that include a specific page. For example, identify the pages with a high bounce/exit rate, with the help of your web analytics solution, and then analyze the user navigation behavior on the pages to understand the sticking points.
  • Filter by test and variation. Filter the videos in which the user was subject to a test and a given variation, directly. By analyzing the difference in navigation/ behavior you will gain a better understanding of the “why” of certain figures.
  • Multiples filter options. Following your responses, we have added a number of filters: per navigation, per operating system, per device, per country, per recording date, and per recording period. If you, for example, experienced a technical problem during a specific period and for a given configuration, you can easily find the videos to the corresponding session.Filters on Session Recording
  • Saving and deleting videos. You can bookmark a video you find interesting. It will not be deleted for up to 30 days, as in the case of all videos. On the contrary, you can delete useless videos to avoid cluttering your account.
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