Take Back the Reins of your Marketing Campaigns with our New Template Library

Black Friday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Sales or special occasions…all are cyclical, high-traffic periods punctuating a website’s lifespan. However, for marketers, getting the most out of these important events can require a lot of hard work.  Unfortunately, IT departments don’t always prioritize the kinds of tasks required during these periods, and sometimes there simply isn’t any budget for it.

To help you deal with these constraints, we’ve designed a template library that lets marketers create their own push marketing campaigns to help boost engagement with website users. With 7 year’s CRO experience behind us, we’re in a position to make top-notch recommendations for campaigns that will really help you hit your objectives, whether you’re an e-commerce, media or lead generation site.

E-commerceMediaLead Gen
  • Communicate sales events
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Create personalized, targeted business incentives
  • Promote cross and upsell
  • Promote new content
  • Decrease bounce rates
  • Encourage subscriptions
  • Increase content consumption
  • Set up stress marketing techniques
  • Collect email addresses from qualified leads

Karen Millen - Countdown BannerIncrease conversions by informing customers about delivery times with a countdown banner dedicated in products pages 

Download » 15 examples of push marketing

Nicolas Cobian“We use pop-ins from AB Tasty’s template library to personalize hundreds of user experiences across our site, many using behavioral messaging. These campaigns, which only take a few minutes to set up, let us generate more, better quality leads – without bothering our site visitors. All in all, AB Tasty lets us display the right message to the right user at the right time – this is crucial for us.”

– Nicolas Cobian, CRM/PRM Project Manager at Peugeot

For the past few months, we’ve been thinking about what direction this template library should take, and how it should be integrated into our solution.  AB Tasty has evolved, and today includes several tools for optimizing conversion rates, from personalization and A/B testing capabilities to tools that analyze visitor behavior, like session recording.

We relied on what has always been the strength behind AB Tasty: our clients.

To help us decide, we’ve called on the people who have always been the strength behind AB Tasty: our users.  We organized very instructive work sessions with our clients in order to understand how they work, their needs and their restrictions.  But we didn’t stop there. We’ve also done some market research and polled our own employees – especially those who work every day with clients to put their campaigns in place.  We also called on user experience specialists…basically, we did our utmost to envision functions that would make this library essential for all marketers.

We could sum up this research in a few words:

  • Even more flexible and easy to use
  • Even more configuration options
  • Even more mobile friendly

All of the information we gathered and the discussions we had affirmed that AB Tasty’s initial promise of empowering marketers made us competitive in the market…but we had to go even further in order to anticipate our users’ expectations.

“Our clients all have different objectives, like increasing qualified leads, adding to their email database, increasing social network shares or just highlighting certain messages for specific audiences.  But they all have the same need: be able to act fast without knowing how to code. And this is exactly what we offer with our new editor!”

Anne-Elisabeth Wambergue – Customer Success Manager – AB Tasty

So, our product and R&D team put their noses to the grindstone in order to meet most of these expectations before the end of the year, despite a very busy schedule – consider this an early Christmas present.  You can’t have missed it: they’ve recently delivered a major update to ensure that all of our products are compatible with JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular…plus, they’ve got a lot of data-related projects on their plate (spoiler alert!).

Today, we’re happy to announce the fruit of these labors – a major development to our platform that focused on your autonomy and ability to quickly take action.

The result is a simplified process for creating campaigns, using ready-to-use campaign templates that only take minutes to configure, while still leaving lots of room for sophisticated personalization and without necessitating a single line of HTML or CSS code.

“We’ve reimagined our template library to center on 3 key elements: how easy it is to use, how quickly it allows you to take action and the high level of personalization it enables.  The idea was to draw from the 200,000+ tests and personalization campaigns launched with AB Tasty to offer marketers a turnkey engagement solution that they don’t need their IT department to use.”

– Nelson Kontogom, Product Manager at AB Tasty

Specifically, this means that we’ve added new features and a WYSIWYG editor specially designed for creating campaigns. After all, you don’t create a push marketing campaign in the same way you set up an A/B test or personalization campaign, nor are their goals the same…so why not use a specialized tool? This new editor fits seamlessly into the editor you’re already used to using. It lets you:

Choose a display format from a template library that will continue to grow with contributions from our community and our teams (ex: pop-in, notification banner, slide in, non-intrusive formats integrated directly in content.)


Adapt the design of your campaigns
to match your visual guidelines with the help of numerous configuration options (ex: font size and color, background image, etc.)


Preview the look of your campaign in real time
the format preview takes into account each configuration modification you make.


Our campaign formats are responsive by default
ensuring that your campaign will look great, no matter what the device. With our latest features for mobile campaigns (ex: responsive editor, preview with QR code), we help you be truly mobile first.


Configure trigger events for your campaign
to reach the right person at the right time. Our personalization and segmentation engine brings a lot of value here.


To modify your work at an even more granular level, there’s always AB Tasty’s classic editor.

This new editor is significantly more evolved, and makes setting up campaigns much easier – saving you precious time. But we’re not done! Our client workshops and brainstorming sessions revealed many great ideas, some of which are already being worked on.  We can’t wait to show them to you. Stay tuned – in 2018, Q1 will be full of news!

Download » 15 examples of push marketing

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