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Get right to the source.

This is the main impetus behind the creation of AB Tasty’s Innovation Team, and their signature project, the Lab Tab. Let us explain.

Client feedback makes its way back to each team at AB Tasty in a variety of ways; our User Games client events, conversations with our Customer Success Manager (CSM) team, online surveys and our NPS score, to name a few.  This is the lifeblood that fuels our product and technical teams, no doubt about it.

But at AB Tasty, we often take it one step further. There was a feeling that this still wasn’t enough. Some of us were champing at the bit – our developers were itching to have direct contact with clients and near instantaneous feedback on new feature ideas. So the Innovation Team was born.

AB Tasty’s Innovation Team

Related but not attached to our tech and product teams, the Innovation Team, headed by our Chief Innovation Officer (CIO), has as their mission to anticipate client needs by inventing novel feature additions to our platform. Whether the ideas come from within their own team or are crowd-sourced from colleagues, they are always shared in ‘sneak peek’ fashion with selected clients via our Lab Tab.

Sitting comfortably next to the ‘Insights’ tab, the Lab Tab is a gateway to all of the Innovation Team’s creations, from Eye Tracking features to Keyword Discovery and more. Playing around in here allows AB Tasty users to have the very first glimpse of a nascent feature, and crucially, provide feedback in real time so that the Innovation Team can hone it to perfection.

In that vein, we’re happy to share in the first of a series of posts, one of the team’s new inventions: the Page Flow feature.

Introducing: Page Flow

If you work on website optimization, chances are you’re constantly on the lookout for new insights about your audience. How do they move through your website? What pages make them bounce? What pages encourage them to move down the sales funnel? Continue to checkout? Subscribe to your newsletter?

Better Understand Your Website Visitors With Page Flow

AB Tasty Page Flow

The Page Flow features was designed to give you a visual, at-a-glance picture of how website visitors move through your site.

You can see an example configuration above. No need to sync with Google Analytics or similar – Page Flow is natively integrated with AB Tasty thanks to our Universal Collect architecture! To get up and running, all you have to do is first, configure a few page categories: product pages, article pages, blog pages…depending on your industry and website set up, these can be whatever makes sense for your business.

Then, with a mere click to set up the ‘page path’ (from what page would you like the analysis to start?) you’re done! Page Flow will instantly bring up the data to show you where there are points of friction, or over-performing pages, during the user experience. An excellent place to start gathering A/B test and personalization campaign ideas!

Want to Test it Out?

So, ready to test out the Page Flow feature for yourself? No problem! Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to learn more if you’re already an AB Tasty client.

Not working with us yet? Check out a free demo to learn more about how AB Tasty is shaking up the Conversion Rate Optimization landscape.

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