Preview Your Mobile-first Campaigns with our New Responsive Editor

AB TastyBlogMobilePreview Your Mobile-first Campaigns with our New Responsive Editor

We are happy to announce a new version of the AB Tasty editor. It responds to one of our clients’ biggest demands: previewing the display of a campaign on different screen sizes and resolutions, before publishing it online.


Mobile at the heart of your strategies

The more your audience on mobile devices continues to grow, the more the acceptance test on these devices becomes a crucial step in the implementation of your optimization campaigns. This new version meets this objective and brings its own set of improvements for even better performance, fluidity, and stability.

Up until the present, the AB Tasty editor only allowed you to modify and preview the desktop version of your site. To control the preview on different size screens, you had to activate one of the acceptance test modes to verify the preview on different devices. The difficulty was that not all the hardware configurations were necessarily available to you. Simulating the preview on all these devices also required you to “ruse”. The workarounds included :

  1. using the web developer tools in for Chrome or Firefox to simulate a display on a mobile
  2. targeting the campaign on your IP and accessing your site with a mobile device via your company’s wifi connection. None of these solutions, however, were adequate enough.

Campaigns on mobile devices made even easier

Mindful of offering a simpler and more fluid experience, regardless of your level of expertise, we have completely rethought the testing of campaigns on mobile devices.

A new option, positioned at the top right-hand side, allows you to simulate different screen sizes and, in turn, quickly view modification previews.

3 options are available:

  • You can manually re-dimension the size of the screen by dragging its corners.
  • You can enter a custom height and width in pixels.
  • You can choose a precise smartphone/tablet model, including:
    Responsive preview mode - Device List

Here is the full list:

Samsung Apple
Galaxy Nexus iPad (hors Retina)
Galaxy S / S2 Ipad Retina
Galaxy S3 / S4 iPad Mini
Galaxy S5 iPhone 3gs
Galaxy S6 / S7  iPhone 4/4s
Galaxy Tab iPhone 5/5c/5s
Galaxy Tab 7.7 / 10.1 iPhone 6/7 (6s/7s)
Galaxy Note 1 iPhone 6+/7+ (6+s/7+s)
Galaxy Note 2 / 3  
Galaxy Note 4 / 5  
Galaxy Note 10.1  

With all of these different modes, our teams have added some slight modifications to simplify the preview of mobile-first campaigns:

  • Portrait/landscape orientation. When you select a device from the toolbar, you have the option of either a landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Zoom in or out to fit the selected screen size to your own screen viewport.
  • Save the last used parameters. The last selected configuration in Responsive mode is automatically saved and can be recovered from the editor.

These improvements are available to all users who have version 2.1.1 of the AB Tasty framework or later. Read this help article to learn more.


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