The Essential Test Idea-Finding Formula

On average, only 2 out of 10 tests have a significant impact on conversion rates. What makes a test neutral, you ask? The optimization idea wasn’t relevant to begin with.

Scratching the Surface of Consumer Behavior

Psychological research has proven unconscious processes power more of our decision-making than we ever thought before. In this ebook, get insights from consumer psychologist Bart Schutz on how to use psychological principles to increase online conversions.

forrester cro study

Commissioned CRO study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of AB Tasty

94% of firms say their CRO (conversion rate optimization) initiatives have increased customer satisfaction, according to a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of AB Tasty. Download the study now to learn more.

The Very Long List of Website Optimization Ideas

Successful test ideas – plus results – from our clients in the automotive, beauty, fashion, food & food services, home decor, and travel & leisure industries. Get inspired to reach new ROI heights!

Psychology Hacks for Website Optimization

The best way to understand how to change the user behavior on your website is to understand why your users behave the way they do. In this ebook, UX and conversion rate optimization experts from AB Tasty and Conversio explain some of the 175 cognitive biases that drive consumer decisions.

10 Examples of Server-Side Tests that You Can’t Do With a Client-Side Solution

If you think you can only test surface level modifications with your current A/B testing solution, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all of the new options at your disposal with Server-Side Testing.

Perfecting Personalization Ebook

Perfecting Personalization: How to Hone your Website Personalization Strategy Using A/B Testing

In this ebook, you’ll learn why your website is the best place to start a personalization strategy, tips for using A/B testing, industry stats, the ROI gains of personalization, insider strategies, and much more!

Demystifying A/B Testing Statistics

In this ebook, you’ll learn how to understand different statistical methods with side-by-side comparisons and how to read A/B test results with confidence.

A/B Testing 101

This 101 guide will introduce the basic concepts behind A/B testing, and walk the reader through how to set up, manage and analyze A/B testing campaigns.

CRO Pocket Glossary Ebook

Conversion Rate Optimization Pocket Glossary

Server-Side A/B Testing? Bayesian Statistics? DMP? Rule-Based Personalization? Get clear definitions and explanations for these conversion rate optimization terms and others in our handy CRO pocket glossary.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

In this ebook, you’ll learn what exactly shopping cart abandonment is, techniques for limiting it, ways to re-engage visitors who’ve abandoned their cart and an global understanding of the digital shopping experience.

Drive User Engagement and Boost Sales

Drive user engagement and boost sales with customizable and ready-to-use Marketing Campaign widgets, whether you’re working in e-commerce, media or focused on lead generation.

Testing and Personalisation for Media

Media Whitepaper: Get the most out of testing and personalization

Learn how to improve user experience and increase revenue on media websites through testing and personalization. Media websites have their … Read more

Ebook AB Tasty & Mazeberry

Increase conversion rates by adopting a data-driven strategy

Conversion. This is an ongoing obsession among digital advertisers. And all the right marketing resources seem to be in place … Read more