Build, Scale or Reinvent
your CRO Team [ebook]

Thinking of hiring your first Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) specialist? Looking to scale your team? Want a benchmark of how other companies are structuring their CRO program?

We interviewed CRO experts to get the answers to these questions and more.

Download our latest ebook to learn the most frequent CRO team organization types, what to look for when hiring your first CRO specialist, get a notion of average salaries, and why some models tend to work better than others. With advice from industry experts:


Natasha Wahid, WiderFunnel

manuel da costa

Manuel Da Costa,     Effective Experiments

Mathieu Fauveaux 1.5

Mathieu Fauveaux, Conversion Consultant

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A Few Excerpts

"Building excitement for your program, creating buy-in for experimentation—these are necessary for proving your experimentation program’s value and for scaling your test and learn culture. In our 11+ years working with leading North American brands, we’ve found that the most successful champions leverage their communication channels by “evangelizing” experimentation. They socialize a mindset that embraces creative ideation and rigorous validation wherever possible." 

- Natasha Wahid, Marketing Lead at WiderFunnel

“Firms that use a ‘one man team’ are often just starting out - the burden is on that person to show their worth and the rewards of CRO. A centralized approach is usually taken by firms with a young or slightly immature mindset. Once they start really seeing value of CRO, most try a decentralized organization, but often notice there are inherent problems or challenges to this set up, too. Finally, they evolve to a center of excellence model. If you can, just skip straight to the center of excellence model, which is the most rewarding.”

- Manual Da Costa, Founder of Effective Experiments

“It is possible to find the unique, rare people, I call them optimization unicorns, who have this ability to hold these two opposing mindsets, this creative, inspiration-driven, and the data-driven mindset, all at once, and be able to switch between the two of them. It’s very rare to find one person that can do that. If you do, hold on to them, tightly. But if you have the right process in place, you can actually bake those two mindsets into the process, so you don’t have to find those unique unicorns, as I said you can get by with a horse that has a bump on its head instead.”  

- Chris Goward, Founder of WiderFunnel, at AB Tasty’s 2018 Conversion Summit