Clever Statistics: Get more confidence in your testing results

Clever Statistics - Ebook CoverA/B testing has met with great success driven by the Test & Learn approach. Innovative SaaS solutions, by giving autonomy back to marketing teams, have democratised the practice and made it accessible to anyone without any technological knowledge needed.

That it is easy to use must not let us forget its statistical implications! It is important to know with certainty if differences in results are really due to the changes made, or if it’s just due to chance. Indeed, some users doubt the reliability of these results since they do not always see them once the “winning” modifications have been implemented.

Advanced A/B testing solutions, like AB Tasty, respond to this problem with new statistical approaches that allow for faster, more confident decision making. They also go the extra mile by helping maximise conversions with more powerful algorithms to answer the “Multi-Armed Bandit” problem.