Incorporating A/B testing into your conversion optimization strategy

A/B testing was formerly the preserve of organizations with substantial technical resources, but the arrival on the market of new tools simplifying the implementation of these tests is democratizing the practice. Such tools permit anyone at all to create several versions of their web pages and measure the effectiveness of each one against their objectives, one of the most important of which is the conversion rate.

Though these tools greatly simplify the process of implementing these tests, this apparent simplicity should not lead one to forget that obtaining significant results from A/B testing depends primarily on establishing an appropriate testing methodology.

Numerous organizations have embarked upon A/B testing in the hope of seeing their conversion rates increase dramatically, only to end up achieving limited results. What they very often have in common is that they have rushed into it without taking time to carefully consider the relevance of their tests and the contribution of the elements tested to the conversion process.

The purpose of this white book, aimed primarily at marketing and e-business teams, is to act as an aid to mastering A/B testing methodologies. Within it, teams will find practical advice about integrating A/B testing into their conversion optimization strategy. What can we expect from it? How can we benefit from it? What are the pitfalls to avoid and what is best practice for achieving good results?