10 examples of
Server-Side Tests

That You Can’t do With a Client-Side Solution

Server Side A/B Testing

As you become more familiar with the issues surrounding conversion rate optimization, you’ll probably be itching to go further and do more.

If you think you can only test surface level modifications with your current A/B testing solution, you'll be pleasantly surprised by all of the new options at your disposal with Server-Side Testing.

We've listed a few inspirational examples in this ebook, but the possibilities are endless.

Start Getting Creative

If you've adopted a 'Test and Learn' culture at work, you're probably eager to: 

  • Implement more sophisticated tests that deal with your product or service’s features

  • Introduce new components to your optimization strategies, while still following your business rules

  • Involve more internal teams - for example, your product or merchandizing team

Once you're interested in these topics, it’s probably time to start using a server-side A/B testing approach.

A server-side approach opens up more avenues for testing and increases your level of flexibility, allowing you to test whatever hypothesis you have on any device - which isn’t the case with a client-side approach.

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