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Shopping Cart Abandonment

Discover the underlying causes of cart abandonment, plus practical solutions

Shopping cart abandonment is a huge issue for the vast majority of e-commerce sites. Most people think that it's an unavoidable part of the digital sales process, and that it's useless to try and re-engage shoppers who have abandoned their cart.

We disagree - and this ebook will explain why.

Limit your Shopping Cart Abandonment

Sneak Peek

Dive into our shopping cart abandonment primer for actionable tips on how to get the most profit from your e-commerce site.

You'll learn:

  • What exactly shopping cart abandonment is

  • Important e-commerce stats

  • Techniques for limiting cart abandonment

  • Ways to re-engage visitors who've abandoned their cart

  • Why even a high rate of cart abandonent isn't the end of the world

  • A more nuanced understanding of the digital shopping experience