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A/B Testing Statistics

Understand Bayesian statistics, the multi-armed bandit problem and other A/B testing concepts

Effective A/B testing relies on a few things: good test ideas, sufficient traffic, a clear roadmap, a reliable testing tool, etc. One of the integral aspects of A/B testing that often gets overlooked is the statistical method that powers the testing platform.

In our view, this is a shame, since statistical analysis is at the heart of an A/B (or multivariate, split page, multi-page...) testing strategy.

That's why we've written the ebook, Demystifying A/B Testing Statistics.

Demystify your A/B Testing Statistics

Sneak Peek

We'll dive into how statistical methods are used to drive A/B testing platforms, the difference between common approaches, and more.

You'll learn:

  • What frequentist statistical methods are

  • What Bayesian statistics has to offer A/B testing

  • How to understand different statistical methods with side-by-side comparisons

  • How to limit false positives in A/B testing

  • How to respond to the multi-armed bandit problem

  • How to read A/B test results with confidence