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Optimize. Analyze. Personalize.

Welcome to the New Frontier of Customer Experience
The rapid adoption of online shopping has ushered in a new era of brand experiences from virtual try-ons of clothes and makeup to augmented virtual reality of in-home furniture.

As companies at the confluence of tech and retail continue to optimize and innovate, they are simultaneously elevating their brand experience and customer expectations.

This means that other brands need to start flexing their experimentation muscles and get in on the action before it’s too late.

In this report, we explore the relationship between optimization, personalization and innovation — and how brands can build a data-powered experimentation model to elevate their e-commerce experiences and live up to today’s consumer expectations.


Experience Economy

Discover consumer sentiment within the experience economy and how we got here


Experience Optimization

From UX, personalization to client-side experimentation, explore all the ways to deliver a seamless shopping experience
“Wow” Experience

Discover consumer sentiment within the experience economy and how we got here

Data Foundation
Learn to how to set up and analyze data to power your experimentation programs


Experience Innovation
Let tech teams do what they do best by investing in a tech stack of feature management and server-side experimentation tools
The Digital Experimentation Model
How brands can level up
Why are some companies thriving more in the experience economy than others? It comes down to mastering both experience optimization and innovation — the one-two punch to digital experience mastery.


Welcome to the Experience Economy


Building a Modern Data Foundation


Fuel Your Experience Optimization


Win with Experience Innovation


Deliver a “Wow” Experience
Experiment your way to the top
There’s a lot that goes into building an experimentation program, from business performance, internal resources, structure and governance. Uncover what’s best for your team in our interactive report.

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