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Tapping into Emotional Marketing | Talia Wolf

Talia Wolf reveals how emotional marketing can revolutionize your experimentation process and lift conversions.

Taking a customer-centric approach to marketing, founder and CEO of Getuplift, Talia Wolf, harnesses the power of emotional marketing techniques to increase visitor conversions. 

Her natural interest in conversion rate optimization (CRO) and experimentation was sparked through her early work in a social media agency, later moving on to become an expert in the field – consulting for many companies on the subject, and speaking on stage at Google, MozCon and Search Love.

Guest host and AB Tasty’s Head of Growth Marketing UK, John Hughes, spoke with Talia about emotional marketing as a tool for optimization, delving into how customer research can facilitate the experimentation process, reduce the rate of failure, and earn the buy-in from company stakeholders.

Here are some of the key takeaways from their conversation.

Based upon the idea that emotion drives every single decision that we make in life, the emotional targeting methodology shifts the focus of your online marketing content from your solution, features, or pricing, to your customer. Rather than playing a guessing game and simply reshuffling elements on a page, this technique requires a deeper understanding of human behavior. By identifying customer intent and buying motivation, you can create an optimized experience, which meets their needs and increases conversions.

Backed by academic research, the fundamental role of emotion in our daily choices can be integrated into your strategy to better cater to your customers by figuring out a) their biggest challenges and, b) how they want to feel after finding a solution. What is their desired outcome? 

With this in mind, you can optimize your digital communications with high-converting copy and visuals that speak directly to your customers’ needs. By shifting the conversation from the product to the customer, an incredible opportunity opens up to scale and multiply conversions.

Firstly, experimentation should be backed by research. From customer and visitor surveys, to review mining, social listening and emotional competitor analysis, Talia encourages extensive research in order to create the most likely hypothesis upon which to base an A/B test. 

Once you know more about your customers, you can review the copy and visuals on your product page for example, and from your research you might discover that your content is not relevant to your target customer. You can then come up with a hypothesis based on their actual needs and interests supported by compelling social proof, and write a brief for your designer or copywriter based on the new information. 

From there you can build your experiment into your A/B testing platform with a selected North star metric, whether it’s check-outs, sign-ups or add-to-carts, to prove or disprove your hypothesis. And, while we know that nine out of 10 A/B tests fail, emotional marketing facilitates the hypothesizing process, strengthening the chance of creating a winning experiment by testing variables that can actually impact the customer journey.

How to persuade stakeholders to support your experiments.

When it comes to CRO, there are often too many chefs in the kitchen, especially in smaller organizations where founders have a concrete vision of their customers and their messaging. 

Talia explains that a research-based approach to experimentation can offer reassurance as part of a slow-and-steady strategy, backed by evidence. This personalized methodology involves talking to your customers and website visitors and scouring the web for conversations about your specific industry, rather than simply following your competitor’s lead.

It becomes a lot easier to propose a test to a founder or CEO when your hypothesis is supported by data and research, however, Talia recommends resisting the urge to change everything at once and rather, start small. Test the emotional marketing in your ads or send out an email sequence requiring only a copywriter, and share the results.

When you’re trying to get buy-in, you need to have a strong hypothesis paired with good research to prove that it makes sense. If this is the case, you can demonstrate the power of emotional marketing by running a couple of A/B tests: one where the control is the current solution-focused content and the variant is a customer-focused alternative, and another which highlights how customers feel right now versus how they want to feel – two important variations which help you to relate better to your customer. The key to garnering support is to take baby steps and continuously share your research and results.

What else can you learn from our conversation with Talia Wolf?

  • Why B2B purchases are more emotional than B2C. (15:50)
  • How to stand out in a crowded market by knowing your customer. (20:00)
  • How emotional marketing impacts the entire customer journey. (25:50)
  • How to relate to your customer and improve conversions. (32:40)

About Talia Wolf

Conversion optimization specialist Talia Wolf is the founder and CEO of Getuplift – a company that leverages optimization strategies such as emotional targeting, persuasive design, and behavioral data to help businesses generate more revenue, leads, engagement and sales. 

Starting her career in a social media agency, where she was introduced to the concept of CRO, Talia went on to become the Marketing Director at, before launching her first conversion optimization agency, Conversioner, in 2013. 

Today, with her proven strategy in hand, Talia teaches companies all over the world to optimize their online presence using emotional techniques.

About 1,000 Experiments Club

The 1,000 Experiments Club is an AB Tasty-produced podcast hosted by Marylin Montoya, VP of Marketing at AB Tasty. Join Marylin and the Marketing team as they sit down with the most knowledgeable experts in the world of experimentation to uncover their insights on what it takes to build and run successful experimentation programs.

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A unified experience with Epoq joining AB Tasty website

We are once again thrilled to share that as a continued part of our strategy to optimize how you access AB Tasty’s platform of experimentation and personalization solutions, Epoq by AB Tasty is being streamlined to join the AB Tasty brand and website.

AB Tasty’s acquisition of Epoq in October 2022 realized a shared vision of empowering digital teams to deliver relevant and engaging shopping experiences along the consumer journey and brought search and product recommendations to our best-in-class experience optimization platform. 

Placing Epoq within the AB Tasty brand represents an exciting next step for AB Tasty as we consolidate all our solutions under one place and one name. 

The AB Tasty and Epoq websites are now one. All resources and landing pages previously hosted on Epoq’s website ( can be found in one location on the AB Tasty website (

If you have questions about what this means for you, you’ve come to the right place. Below we will dig into what is changing, helpful links and resources and some general FAQs.

As always, our team of AB Tasty magic makers are available to answer any additional questions that might pop up along the way. If you have any more questions after reading this, don’t hesitate to send us an email at and we will update this page as needed.

How are AB Tasty and Epoq related?

AB Tasty acquired AI-powered personalization provider Epoq, ushering in a new era of experience optimization. Through recommendations and intelligent search the acquisition expands AB Tasty’s best-in-class offering to provide relevant and engaging customer experiences. Simplifying access for digital teams (from marketing to product to technology) by providing a single platform that delivers a 360-degree view to further optimize the digital customer experience.

What do you mean when you say merge? Will the Epoq website be gone for good?

By merging we mean all content around our leading Experience Optimization Platform will be available on one website. The Epoq website will no longer be available but all the search and recommendation content you have come to love will not disappear and will continue to be available on the AB Tasty website. New articles and insights to help you build your 1-1 personalization strategies will continue to be added. 

Why are we merging the Epoq and AB Tasty websites?

The website merge is aimed to make it easier for everyone to access all the information around AB Tasty’s EOP solutions in one place, including content around the products, technology and impact.  Grouping together the combined knowledge of Epoq and AB Tasty’s experts in one resource hub, giving marketing and product teams best practices and insights into experimentation and personalization strategy.

What will happen to all the resources (blog posts, guides, e-books, etc.) on

Epoq’s resources section will be moved to the AB Tasty website. All the Epoq content will be redirected to help customers find the content quickly and easily. 

How can I log into Epoq? And where can I access the documentation?

You can log into the Epoq Control Desk, the new AB Tasty Search & Recommendation Workspace, through a link on the AB Tasty website in the upper right corner. The documentation can be accessed through the menu of the workspace called “Developer Documentation” where you will be forwarded to our knowledge base.

Will there be any changes to the products or services offered?

The products and services offered will not be changed themselves. The joint product range will become a unique platform for optimizing the digital customer experience, offering our clients even more opportunities to differentiate and stand out in the market.

How will the merger affect customers who are new to Epoq? Where can I sign up for a demo for AB Tasty’s intelligent site search and recommendation solution?

If you’re new and you’d like to try out AB Tasty Search or Recommendations, click the banner below or click the “Get a demo” button on the top right-hand corner of the page to explore how AI-powered 1:1 personalization can help you deliver memorable digital experiences.

Have any additional questions about Epoq and AB Tasty? Send us an email at to let us know and stay tuned for more exciting updates and information still to come!