Creating An Ebook Landing Page That Converts

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Of the many tools businesses use to entice, inform, and engage prospects visiting their webpage, ebooks are perhaps the most effective. They allow you to collect specific information in exchange for something of real value to your target audience. You simultaneously build credibility while creating an opportunity to connect with, and better understand, leads.

But with only 8-seconds to persuade potential customers with your call to action (CTA), an ebook landing page needs to be well written and organized if it’s going to convert. (Here are some inspiring templates to check out.) 

Simply put, this page needs to be impactful enough that it incentivizes visitors to exchange their information for your content. 

As previously mentioned, ebooks are the go-to for companies trying to reach out to new and existing leads. They boost reputability by presenting your company as an authority on the subject and a trusted source of information. But your traffic won’t know any of that unless they actually read the ebook. Which creates a bit of a catch-22. How do you convince visitors your content is worth the download?

The ideal landing page will get customers excited enough about your offer in that crucial 8-second span, and convince them to exchange their information. 

The pillars of a successful landing page for increased lead generation include: 

  •     Establishing your expertise in the subject
  •     Highlighting how customers will benefit from downloading your ebook
  •     Avoiding self-promotion tactics to instead center the user

With the mixture of innovative design, smooth copywriting, and creative marketing, you can build a compelling page that helps grows your brand. We listed some examples of well-designed and engaging ebook landing pages below to gather a list of common themes and tactics that make these LPs so compelling. 


HubSpot uses a similar formula for all of their ebook landing pages and focuses primarily on educating visitors, not making a hard sell. Their featured ebook, the Content Marketing Workbook, is an excellent example of an attention-grabbing—not attention-seeking—page.



Why It Works

  •     Clean design and layout encourage scrolling to learn more.
  •     The page offers a short explanation for content marketing and its importance.
  •     The skills this book teaches are highlighted in easy-to-scan bullet points.
  •     Clicking through sample pages builds further interest and gives a better idea of the content.
  •     The FAQ section explains why there is a need to fill out an information form while reassuring privacy.
  •     Reminds visitors that it’s a free download.


Nauto focuses on improving AI and driverless cars to increase safety on the road. They primarily cater to companies that use self-driving vehicles to transport goods. Nauto’s ebook offers four steps for reducing the number of collisions and improving fleet safety.




Why It Works

  •     This design uses a cohesive color palette and theme, creating a visually attractive, professional, and persuasive landing page.
  •     Bullet points beside the information form immediately show what readers will learn if they download this ebook.
  •     Eye-grabbing statistics showing the dangers of distracted driving support the need for AI-powered vehicles.
  •     Testimonials from other companies give Nauto more credibility.

Atomic Reach

When it comes to a simple and straightforward design, Atomic Reach’s Content Marketing Strategy ebook landing page nails it.


Why It Works

  •     Concise copy is easy to read at a glance while still conveying the gist of the content.
  •     Opening with statistics at the top of the page piques interest and strengthens a CTA.
  •     The basic information form is quick to complete and less imposing for visitors who are interested in the ebook.


Wishpond focuses on making it easier for companies to grow their outreach with customers, whether it’s through useful landing pages, newsletters, or creating promotions. This free industry report shares the latest trends in lead generation and statistics for marketers.



Why It Works

  •     Everything fits on one screen—no need for scrolling.
  •     One of the most critical parts of converting downloads is limiting landing page navigation. By removing links that take visitors away, it makes them more likely to click on the CTA.
  •     The bulleted text is clear and compelling. It hits the main points covered by the content.
  •     Terms like ‘up-to-date and ‘biggest trends’ hint at new tactics that can be used to get ahead of other companies who haven’t heard of them yet.’


TwelveSkip is a marketing consulting firm ran by Pauline Cabrera. She is best known for her pleasant way of writing and colorful, vibrant website design.


Why It Works

  •     The text is upbeat and personable, speaking directly to the reader. It indicates that the content of the ebook will be written in the same way— it won’t be a dry read.
  •     The title is exceptionally catchy, who wouldn’t want to learn how to make $21,000 from one article?
  •     The information form only asks for name and e-mail, which can be done in a second.
  •     The CTA is memorable and works for this particular page.


Zendesk is a customer service software provider, and their Bright Ideas ebook focuses on how companies can improve customer interactions and more efficient experiences. While the majority of ebook landing pages are top-of-funnel magnets, this particular one is geared more towards the end of the funnel.



Why It Works

  •     Half of the page is taken up by the information form because, as an end-of-funnel landing page, Zendesk needs to know who these prospective customers are.
  •     The design is straightforward, with the main focus of the page being the form.
  •     The text discusses what the case studies offer and how what they present can drive their customers’ businesses.
  •     The Submit button is the most colorful icon on the page, which helps draw more attention to the form.

Impact Branding & Design

This crash course on inbound marketing from digital sales company Impact is catchy and works well for getting people to download their guide.



Why It Works

  •     Mentioning that this ebook is free incentivizes visitors to download it.
  •     The phrasing makes the learning process feel less complicated. That can help motivate people who are doubtful about their ability to learn about inbound marketing.
  •     Using a large image of the book helps customers visualize what they will get when they download it.
  •     One-liner bullet points are easy to scan and let people know what they will learn.
  •     Impact offers a sneak peek of the content to give visitors a look at what they’re getting.
  •     The CTA button is bright and colorful, and the arrow pointing at it serves as another signal to click it.


PhotoWorkout guides other photographers who share their passion. The site regularly posts tips for readers, such as comparing the best gear and how to become better in this field. They periodically offer free guides, such as this one. The landing pages for their ebooks take some scrolling, but they have a consistent layout and design that works for what the company is trying to do.



Why It Works

  •     The first line entices readers by indicating that this guide is free to download.
  •     The attention-grabbing title answers the question that many beginning photographers probably ask themselves.
  •     The subtext under the title lets readers know that it’s a straightforward guide that will make the process feel less overwhelming.
  •     Brightly-colored icons next to short text points make it easier to learn what the guide offers
  •     It lists testimonials from photographers who have used this ebook for themselves.
  •     The CTA is listed at the top and bottom of the page, so readers can’t miss it.


Make Your Own Top-Performing Ebook Landing Page

Companies generate the most downloads when they captivate viewers. That means making them the center of attention and focusing on what they want from you.

It’s important to feature your expertise with customers while showing how it can benefit them. By establishing your ebook as a tool to solve a problem or become more adept in their field, you won’t need to rely on hard-sell tactics. As you can see above, a prominent theme between these landing pages was that they reassured users that this information cost nothing (it only required filling out a form with their contact information). When users feel that ebooks are being too self-promotional, they’ll doubt the practicality of the information being given—remember this content needs to be relevant, insightful, and valuable to the user above all else. 

Don’t forget to check out resources to help you climb the ranks and build your business, such as this year’s Top Digital Marketing Tools


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