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15 Free Bootstrap Landing Page Templates

It’s hard to go on the web without stumbling across an eye-catching page that asks for our email address, a subscription, or a contact.

Because landing pages are everywhere, it’s hard to know which solutions offer the quickest and best way to create successful bootstrap landing page templates

Landing pages have been and will always be one of the best ways to generate qualified leads. This is why it’s so important to find the right solution.

As a reminder, a landing page is a page of your website on which your visitors “land” and it is specially designed to convert for a particular purpose: a sale, giving an email address, registration, watching a video, etc. This is why it’s so important to find the right solution.

AB Tasty is a great example of a tool that allows you to test elements of your web page from headline CTA, to hero image, to web copy. With AB Tasty’s low-code solution, you can get these tests launched with ease and start increasing your conversions.

AB Tasty Demo Banner

At a time when A/B testing has become essential to quickly test your ideas and concepts to immediately see if visitors’ responses are good, landing pages have become a vital tool for generating sales quickly.

Because we want to save you time, here is a selection of 15 free bootstrap landing page templates to build your landing pages quickly and easily.

If you use a CMS, we have also set up a selection of WordPress landing page templates and listed other landing page designs.

Multi-Purpose Landing Page Template: Regna

One page bootstrap landing page template

Regna is a bootstrap-based landing page template that is clean and easy to customize.

Ideal for all types of agencies and business services, it is an easy-to-use one-page site. The already-built menu can be quickly customized according to your business.

The general presentation of this template is clear and direct which is perfect for companies that want an accessible site that goes straight to the point to present its services, customers, team, etc.

As a bonus, browsing is smooth and perfectly responsive on all devices.

Preview Regna

Download Regna Free

Corporate Landing Page Template: Sailor

Corporate bootstrap landing page template

Sailor is a perfect bootstrap template for corporate business landing pages.

The design is customizable, and it has many easy-to-use features such as transition animations, pre-integrated color palettes, etc.

Perfectly responsive on all platforms, it is the ideal template to introduce your company, your client portfolio, your history and more!

Preview Sailor

Download Sailor Free

Multi-Purpose Landing Page Template: Bell

Quick start your bootstrap landing page template

Bell is the ultimate all-around template to get you started on creating your new landing page quickly.

Easy to manage and 100% mobile-friendly, it adapts to almost all types of projects (excluding e-commerce) such as agencies, real estate, industry, construction, finance, consulting, household services, etc.

The design is modern and elegant, with finely tuned transitions and scroll animations. In summary, it’s a must-have!

Preview Bell

Download Bell Free

Medical Landing Page Template: MediLab

Bootstrap landing page template for medical industry

MediLab is a worthwhile landing page for companies in the medical sector, clinics, and all activities related to healthcare and medicine.

Easy to customize, this bootstrap template is 100% responsive and contains all the functionalities the medical sector needs: making appointments, displaying patient testimonials, displaying maps, opening hours, etc.

Preview MediLab

Download MediLab Free

Photography Landing Page Template: Laura

Bootstrap landing page template for photographs

Laura is a particularly interesting template for photographers, web designers, start-ups, and companies who want to communicate visually by incorporating storytelling on their landing pages.

The bootstrap template is easy to learn, customizable, and mobile-friendly, no matter the device. 

The customizable color schemes and smooth navigation make this landing page easy to browse and clear in its value proposition.

Preview Laura

Download Laura Free

Upcoming Product Landing Page Template: Maundy

Coming soon bootstrap landing page template

Maundy is a simple landing page template specially designed for anything “Coming Soon.”

It’s a perfect option for when you are working on an upcoming product (for example, a crowdfunding campaign) but you still want to have a landing page to collect email addresses, registrations, etc.

Clear, simple, and elegant, this template has the perfect countdown feature to announce an upcoming event or the release of your future service/product to the general public.

Preview Maundy

Download Maundy Free

Minimalist Landing Page Template: Bethany

Modern bootstrap landing page template

Bethany is an easy-to-use, modern and minimalist bootstrap template.

It is ideal for web designers, creative agencies, content creators, and professionals in industries related to photography or development.

It is compact, 100% responsive, and integrates internal templates to create forms, buttons, and custom navigation.

Preview Bethany

Download Bethany Free

Freelancer Landing Page Template: Instant

Bootstrap landing page template for freelances

Instant is a perfect bootstrap WordPress theme for freelancers.

Simple and elegant, it contains 3 pages that allow you to quickly create a homepage, a contact page for information, and a portfolio page to present your creations.

It is easy to customize and allows freelancers to have a site to showcase their activities.

Preview Instant

Download Instant Free

Freelancer Landing Page Template: Stylish Portfolio

Bootstrap landing page template for portfolio

Stylish Portfolio is an ultra-modern template and design to present your creations.

Smooth and clear, this landing page template is ideal for agencies and freelancers of all kinds (web, photography, design, etc.) wanting to have a showcase for their creations.

100% responsive, it has a scroll improved by jQuery. Another benefit to this template is that its footer includes a Google Maps module–  perfect for showing your location to your customers.

Preview Stylish Portfolio

Download Stylish Portfolio

Mobile App Landing Page Template: New Age

Bootstrap landing page template for mobile app

New Age is the perfect bootstrap template for all mobile app creators.

Specifically designed to present an app’s features, the template is 100% mobile-friendly, and the browsing function is smooth and intuitive.

It contains ready-made “App Store” and “Play Store” buttons as well as calls to action to encourage your visitors to download the application.

The sleek and modern design can be easily customized to fit your app’s colors, company logo, and other custom features quickly. 

All in all: a must-have for any mobile-based business.

Preview New Age

Download New Age

Blogger Landing Page Template: Clean Blog

Bootstrap landing page template for blogging

Clean Blog is a template created with Bootstrap 4.

Perfect for starting a blog, Clean Blog has easily customizable elements and is 100% responsive.

This template is easy to use, edit, and is the perfect asset for bloggers who want a reliable and highly editable base to start their blog.

It contains a contact form in PHP with a sending confirmation function and a footer with links to social networks already integrated.

Preview Clean Blog

Download Clean Blog Free

SaaS Landing Page Template: Butterfly

Bootstrap landing page template for SaaS startup

Butterfly is an ultra-complete template for start-ups and companies that offer software or SaaS solutions.

In addition to its smooth and serious navigation, the template includes sub-pages of services and a presentation of the portfolio, the team, and customer testimonials all on one page.

It contains ready-made contact forms and powerful call-to-action designs to attract future customers.

Its modern and elegant design makes presenting your offer ultra-clear and precise.

Preview Butterfly

Download Butterfly Free

Multi-Purpose Template: Tempo

Bootstrap landing page template example

Tempo is a simple but effective landing page template.

Tempo contains easy-to-change color schemes and all the features expected of a user-friendly landing page to present your solution and services to customers and to make contact with prospects.

Completely responsive, it adapts well to tablet and mobile platforms and includes advanced features like image sliders, etc.

Preview Tempo

Download Tempo Free

Multi-Purpose Template: Company

Bootstrap landing page template for SMBs

Company is a generalist template perfectly suited to small and medium businesses in all industries.

Easy to edit, it is 100% responsive and allows you to present your services easily and with great impact.

It’s an ideal choice for industries like plumbing, law, and personal services.

It includes advanced contacting features and allows you to create an in-house blog and a news page. These features are perfect for acquiring new customers or talking about your brand.

Preview Company

Download Company

Restaurant Landing Page Template: Delicious

Bootstrap landing page template for restaurant

We could not finish this article without leaving a reliable and easy-to-set-up solution for restaurant owners!

Delicious is the perfect template for restaurants, bars, catering, and wine businesses.

The Delicious template works in HTML 5, CSS 3, and bootstrap 3 and includes advanced features to create dynamic effects.

Creative and modern, its elegant design recreates your restaurant’s atmosphere and easily presents your menus.

A paid option, at €9 for life, allows you to integrate a reservation module that works perfectly in PHP/Ajax.

Preview Delicious

Download Delicious

Choosing Your Bootstrap Landing Page

As far as free landing page templates go, you have a variety of well-chosen templates listed above that are sure to help you find a format that can generate leads. 

Don’t forget that no matter which template you choose, it’s vital to test your bootstrap landing page to see if there is a positive impact on your conversions. If you are not familiar with A/B testing, check out our complete guide to A/B testing.

Have you found your ideal landing page template yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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Top 10 Feature Flags Projects on GitHub

What are the top feature flags projects on GitHub? Let’s find out.

If you are into open-source software, GitHub is probably the go-to place to find interesting projects you can use for free and contribute to.

Feature flags tools are no exception. We have listed below the top 10 feature toggle repositories on ranked by popularity.

If you want to explore alternatives that scale better and are suitable for more use cases, read our article about feature flag implementation journey where we answer the question: should I build or buy a feature flag platform.

For a comprehensive overview of what feature flags are, refer to our feature flagging guide.

1. Unleash/unleash

Unleash is the open-source feature management platform. It provides a great overview of all feature toggles/flags across all your applications and services. Unleash enables software teams all over the world to take full control on how they deploy new functionality to end users.

2. Fetlife/rollout

Fast feature flags based on Redis.


3. jnunemaker/flipper

Flipper gives you control over who has access to features in your app.

  • Enable or disable features for everyone, specific actors, groups of actors, a percentage of actors, or a percentage of time.
  • Configure your feature flags from the console or a web UI.
  • Regardless of what data store you are using, Flipper can performantly store your feature flags.
  • Use Flipper Cloud to cascade features from multiple environments, share settings with your team, control permissions, keep an audit history, and rollback.


4. uber/piranha

Piranha is a tool to automatically refactor code related to stale flags. At a higher level, the input to the tool is the name of the flag and the expected behavior, after specifying a list of APIs related to flags in a properties file. Piranha will use these inputs to automatically refactor the code according to the expected behavior.

This repository contains four independent versions of Piranha, one for each of the four supported languages: Java, JavaScript, Objective-C and Swift.


5. checkr/flagr

Flagr is an open source Go service that delivers the right experience to the right entity and monitors the impact. It provides feature flags, experimentation (A/B testing), and dynamic configuration. It has clear swagger REST APIs for flags management and flag evaluation.


6. markphelps/flipt

Flipt is an open source, on-prem feature flag application that allows you to run experiments across services in your environment. Flipt can be deployed within your existing infrastructure so that you don’t have to worry about your information being sent to a third party or the latency required to communicate across the internet.

Flipt supports use cases such as:

  • Simple on/off feature flags to toggle functionality in your applications
  • Rolling out features to a percentage of your customers
  • Using advanced segmentation to target and serve users based on custom properties that you define


7. ff4j/ff4j

FF4j, is an implementation of the Feature Toggle pattern for Java. It provides a rich set of features:

  • Enable and disable features at runtime – no deployments.
  • Enable features not only with flag values but also drive access with roles and groups.
  • Implement custom predicates to evaluate if a feature is enabled.
  • Keep your code clean and readable: Avoid nested if statements but use annotations.
  • Each action (create, update, delete, toggles) can be traced and saved in the audit trail for troubleshooting.
  • Administrate FF4j (including features and properties) with the web UI.
  • Wide choice of databases technologies to store your features, properties and events.
  • (Distributed) Cache Evaluating predicates may put pressure on DB (high hit ratio).


8. togglz/togglz

Togglz is another implementation of the Feature Toggles pattern for Java.

  • Modular setup. Select exactly the components of the framework you want to use. Besides the main dependency, install specific integration modules if you are planning to integrate Togglz into a web application (Servlet environment) or if you are using CDI, Spring, Spring Boot, JSF.
  • Straight forward usage. Just call the isActive() method on the corresponding enum to check if a feature is active or not for the current user.
  • Admin console. Togglz comes with an embedded admin console that allows you to enable or disable features and edit the user list associated with every feature.
  • Activation strategies. They are responsible for deciding whether an enabled feature is active or not. Activation strategies can, for example, be used to activate features only for specific users, for specific client IPs or at a specified time.
  • Custom Strategies. Besides the built-in default strategies, it’s easy to add your own strategies. Togglz offers an extension point that allows you to implement a new strategy with only a single class.
  • Feature groups. To make sure you don’t get lost in all the different feature flags, Togglz allows you to define group for feature that are just used for a visual grouping in the admin console.


9. jason-roberts/FeatureToggle

Simple, reliable feature toggles in .NET


10. tompave/fun_with_flags

FunWithFlags is an OTP application that provides a 2-level storage to save and retrieve feature flags, an Elixir API to toggle and query them, and a web dashboard as control panel.

It stores flag information in Redis or a relational DB (PostgreSQL or MySQL, with Ecto) for persistence and synchronization across different nodes, but it also maintains a local cache in an ETS table for fast lookups. When flags are added or toggled on a node, the other nodes are notified via PubSub and reload their local ETS caches